Frequently asked questions ...

Q. What diameter cord can I use?

A. All Slidetite products use the same unique slot which can cope with cord from 4mm to 10mm. We commonly recommend using 8mm cord simply because that is the best compromised between strength, flexibilty and weight.

Q. How strong is Slidetite?

A. Each product is different in design so each has different strengths. But, for example, when we sent the Hook to be tested it was so strong that it was given a lifting certificate. The Binder is basically a solid block so is virtually unbreakable. But all of the Slidetite products will cope with being used day in day out in the harshest of conditions. Unlike old-fashioned "bungee cords" they cannot unbend and become lethal sharp points to injure you.

Q. Why do you make Slidetite in the UK?

A. Simple - quality. The UK plastic manufacturers are very good at what they do. Plus if there is ever a problem we can sort it out immediately. We do not have to get on an airplane and fly for days back and forwards. The figure of only 1 failure in the first 24950 cycles of Hook moulding speaks for itself.

Q. Can I use Slidetite underwater?

A. Yes. All products work underwater, in snow, in ice, or in hot sun.

Q. What size is the Plate?

A. The Plate is 60mm x 55mm x 21mm Plate size

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