Slidetite is our idea.
We invented it here in the UK.
("We" are Anne and Pete Nolan.)

The idea first came about when I was trying to tie some stuff onto a roof rack. At the time I was using some traditional bungee cords. I pulled on one of the cords to get it to stretch that last little bit and the metal hook on the far side unbent. The - now sharp and pointed - metal hook shot towards me as the bungee contracted and narrowly missed my head (and eye).

At that moment I decided there had to be something better. About nine months after that I had a prototype in my hand and the first production pieces were made about six months later.



Pete and I have run the business together since the beginning, it is not always the easiest of things ... being a husband and wife in the same business ... but overall it works well.

We compliment each other in the skills we have and I can stop Pete having too many new ideas!

One of the best things about it being our business is that we can keep all of the production in the UK and a lot of the finishing work is done locally to us. That's important - we are part of the community and we bring employment to the area.