All products in the range rely upon the unique Slidetite® slot and they all work in exactly the same way (see below).

This slot is part of what makes Slidetite so effective. It works with elastic cord, bungee or rope from 4mm up to 10mm. The slot does not let go; once the cord is in the slot correctly it stays there. The slot has a built in safety feature to make sure you get the cord in correctly - or else it won't let you apply tension.

(1) Put the cord up into the bottom hole.

(2) Pull the elastic cord up through.

(3) Pull the cord down into the slot.

Thats it! Done!


There are two things worth pointing out here about the Slidetite slot which are of particular importance:

First ... once the elastic cord is in the slot it will not slip out. But when you want to take it out, a quick pull up on it and the cord will always come easily out of the slot. No matter how hard it has been tugged on.

Secondly ... if for some reason you did not pull the elastic cord down into the slot correctly at one end, then as soon as you try to tighten the other end the first end will be released and you cannot apply any tension. You have to reset it in the first slot before you can put any tension on.

You either get it in the slot right or you do not
- there is no way to make a mistake.

Hook animation

The Slidetite® slot will work in extremes of temperature, from hot to cold, and even underwater.