All of our products are made in the UK. We could get them made overseas but this would not save us enough money to make up for the control we would lose.

By having production in the UK we can

  • be sure of the quality;
  • follow-up quickly on any problems;
  • react quickly to changes in demand.

Note: We did go through an exercise to see how much could be saved getting things manufactured overseas. Once the costs of shipping, customs, etc. were added in the total saving per item was 1p.


All of the elastic cord we sell is the highest quality we can source.

The ends of the elastic cord are finished, by hand, using a specially sourced, thick, adhesive wrap. This ensures that even after years outside the ends will never fray or become unsafe.

Each end is sealed onto the cord; then the end is cut and then the cut ends are themselves sealed to give the best possible result.

End detail

Prod Steps

This may seem like a lot of work - but it is the only approach which gives a finished end that we were happy with and which withstood all of our tests.