There are four products in the current Slidetite® range (see below). They all use the unique Slidetite® slot to grab onto elastic cord or bungee or rope and hold it tight - click here to learn more about this.

An odd looking device at first. It has two Slidetite® slots back to back. This means that you can use it to when you wrap cord around something or you can use it to join two lengths together.

It is actually a very versatile piece of kit and immensely strong - because of its shape it has virtually no weak points.

The most obvious of the products and in fact the first one to be designed. It is quite a large hook - being able to fit up to 25mm diameter tube inside it.

It is rated to lift 30Kg - so for tying things down it is easily strong enough for even the toughtest of jobs.

Because it is plastic there is also no way it can damage you or any paintwork!


The Clipper is, perhaps, the oddest looking of the products we make. But once you understand how it operates it is fantastically useful.

The slot on the back is the normal Slidetite® one. on the front is a pair of small clips - these are designed to grab onto bar, wire, rope or elastic cord up to 8mm in diameter.

Therefore you have something which can grab onto cages, tent pegs, ground anchors or other lengths of cord to make shapes. (Imagine building a shelter from branches with a few of these!)

Lastly we have a much more obvious product. The Plate.

A tough item - simply screw (or glue) it to any surface in a van, trailer, caravan, etc. and you have a permanent tie-down point.

Alternatively use a couple of U-bolts and secure it to the rails on your roof rack and you get a very neat, non-corroding lashing point.

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