Slidetite is a family owned and run business. As such we like to help organisations who help others, whenever we can. Below are just a few examples of what we have been able to do so far ....

Mountain Rescue Organisation (England and Wales).

All mountain rescue teams in England and Wales are volunteers. Plus they generally only get funded through charitable donations. Given the vital work they do we felt the least we could do was give them Slidetite kits. This means they can then use the money they would have otherwise had to spend on tie-down equipment on other essential items.

Virtually every mountain rescue team in England and Wales is now Slidetite equipped.


Other rescue teams

Mountain Rescue are not the only voluntary rescue teams who give of their time freely to help others. So we now assist others whenever we can. To date we have provide equipment to teasm ranging from flood rescue, to SARA and first responders.


Newent School Rugby

One of our local secondary school teams was doing well in national competitions. A number of the staff were putting in a lot of extra time to help them. So we felt it would be good to outfit them with a new team kit. The guys certainly seemed to like it!


British Skeleton Bob Team

This team did well at the last Winter Olympics and World Championships. There are signs that they will go from strength to strength but they still don't get full funding. So we help out where we can. The fact that they are know as "Sliders" doesn't hurt !!

Rugby Team