When it was originally invented we had very clear ideas about where and how it would be used. This has largely been correct. But there have also been a lot of very, very unexpected uses which we could never have dreamed up ... some of them are listed below ... there are more ...

North and South Poles

Slidetite has reached both Poles with the British Antarctic Survey; Polar Challenge and multiple other challenge type groups. The products have gone to the Poles so often we are now considering opening a branch at each one :-)




A number of television production crews use Slidetite for holding expensive equipment securely in place. Both when they are travelling and when they are working.

The new series "On Thin Ice" from the BBC will see Slidetite yet again being used by a production team. But this time combining it with the challenge element as Ben Fogel and James Cracknell race to the South Pole.


Scrapheap Challenge

You can also see Slidetite in action most days of the week on Scrapheap Challenge (Ch4 and digital channels) where it is installed on the trailers used by the competitors.



Slidetite is being used to support some of the world's first and largest display screens ... more on this when we can actually talk about it !

Plus it has been used in construction of staging and large scale display structures for concerts and adverts.

It also widely used on dry ski slopes. We don't ski so this is a mystery to us - but we sell quite a lot to these companies.