Forget the problem of dangerous old-fashioned bungee that is either too long or too short for the job in hand. Gone too are those annoying bits of rope with undoable knots. Even the cumbersome ratchet strap is a thing of the past.

Slidetite is the must have item for anyone who is out and about.

An incredibly versatile tie-down system. Slidetite has not one but four different components which can be used together or independently.

Slidetite was originally designed because of an accident. Don't risk an eye - studies show an alarming increase in the number of injuries due to use of old fashioned "bungee cords". RoSPA shows a tenfold increase in the number of accidents !

Unexpected places

Slidetite has exceeded what it was designed for. The uses have gone far beyond a simple tie-down system and it can be found inside furniture or holding up world leading structures.

Simply slide onto any length of elastic cord for a quick readily adjustable, perfect fit each time. Use Slidetite to tie down your case or your kayak, your bike or your board. Indeed just about anything, even the kitchen sink if you want to !

Undeniably the best, Slidetite is used by Mountain Rescue Teams and explorers as far apart as the North and South Poles (and you can’t get much better than that!). Professionals in all types of extreme conditions now turn to Slidetite as their first option.